Shock!! Mysterious bees target and kill family

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A family in Kitui is in mourning after their two children were stung to death by bees.

Area residents report that the swam attacked the village, attacking the children, their mother and other villagers.

Area police boss Anthony Kamitu said the woman was rushed to Kitui Level Five Hospital after suffering serious injuries at the same time terming the incident as bizarre.

“It is a bizarre incident. I am told the bees were very violent,” he stated.

Locals were baffled by the incident in which they say the bees only attacked specific people in the village.

“The way the bees reacted was unusual. We don’t know how they attacked the village. They were attacking selected individuals at a time and they were many.”

The bodies of the two children, a boy and a girl were taken to the Kitui Hospital Mortuary.

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