Man in Kisii Caught Raping 14-year old PARALYZED Girl in Tea Farm

Disturbing! Nyamira man caught in the act at a tea plantation

There was anger and pandemonium in Omogonchoro village when a man was caught pants down ravaging a paralyzed girl in a tea plantation.

Confirming the incident, area chief John Isaboke said the suspect identified as Mokua lured the 14-year-old girl into the tea farm while she was going home for lunch from Bitundugusu special school.

“The suspect tricked the minor before she accompanied him into the tea farm where he engaged in sex with her,” said Isaboke.

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Isaboke said children who were also going home for lunch heard the victim crying from the tea farm and raised alarm.

“Members of the public rushed to the scene after an alarm was raised and found the man busy having sex with the girl in the tea farm. The suspect was given a dog’s beating before he was brought to my office,” he added.

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The chief said he immediately surrendered the suspect to Manga police station from where he will be taken to court.

The victim’s private parts were severely injured and the victim had to be rushed for treatment at Nyamira hospital.

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