If you want to know which dog ate the chicken,act like you are picking a stick, Kenyans react to DP Ruto’s dam scandal statement

Deputy President William Ruto has denied that Ksh 21 billion is missing.

According to DP Ruto the figures being reported to have been stolen were misleading.

“You’ have heard that the government has lost about Sh21 billion which is a flat lie! The money in question is about Sh7 billion, and for every coin that has been paid, we have a bank guarantee,” he said.

However his sentiment was not taken lightly by Kenyans online.as they trashed him considering that one of his right hand man was named in the probe.

Here are some reactions.

Does anyone still believe this guy? He of the “9 world class stadiums will be ready in 3 months…” infamy. Yet to know of anyone who can lie with a straighter face!— Steve Milanista (@SteveMilanista) February 28, 2019

Back in my village we say if you want to know which dog ate the chicken,act like you are picking a stick…it will start running…— oliver holli (@olyholli) February 28, 2019

He had the temerity to blabber in a judicial office, full of smart peeps and, like the ‘9 stadia gaffe’ he expects us to believe him? Come on William. Kenyans are smarter than that. Sit down & await your fate. The mystery shall soon be solved…— John Ogola (@jjogola) February 28, 2019

Ooh… and the rest 14bn has been accounted for on supplying utensils and towels to construct a dam? Its okay…but what pains most and amazes me is how this guy Ruto can lie without blinking.😲— 001KENYAN🇰🇪 (@bkiogora) February 28, 2019

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