When you think of Kenya you are literally helpless, Kenyans angrily react to the dam scandal

The Director of Criminal Investigations Goerge Kinoti named influential politicians and directors from top Kenyan firms who are involved in the Ksh 21 billion dam scandal.

Among the individual are three Cabinet secretaries including Henry Rotich who is said to have recorded a statement as well as DP Ruto’s aide Ken Osinde.

Kenyan Ambassador to Germany Ken Nyauncho Osinde. Photo/Courtesy

The scandal emerged a time when President Kenyatta is fighting the war against graft however the people close to him are his biggest failures.

The scandal has angered Kenyans who feel that President Kenyatta is all alomne in the corruption war

While taking their anger and sentiments Kenyans online ran with the #Pleasesuckthesecs hoping that the president will see and do what he does best.

Here are some reactions from Kenyans.

Mr President you have our support just press the button#PleaseSackTheseCSs pic.twitter.com/mtFncXWj6l— Analyst (@Analyst_Ke) February 27, 2019

The first CS that should be fired is Henry Rotich. He is the chief accountant of the country ,Financial adviser to the government and oversight of all financial transactions of the country #PleaseSackTheseCSs— Honcho (@Kokohoncho) February 27, 2019

We can not let @UKenyatta alone to fight the war on graft.
Let us hold a Nationwide industrial action against all CSs. It is the taxpayers money that are in individuals’ bedrooms. #PleaseSackTheseCSs pic.twitter.com/CWjMj7OqYG— Conam Conam (@ChurchillConam) February 27, 2019

Mr President @UKenyatta you blocked me but as usual my tweet will find you. It is like a guided missile. We must tell you the truth. Your Cabinet Secretaries are THIEVES and LOOTERS. You chair a cabinet of greedy thieves. You must send them home. #PleaseSackTheseCSs pic.twitter.com/d7xHaaHQi8— Lord Abraham Mutai (@ItsMutai) February 27, 2019

When you think of Kenya you are literally helpless #PleaseSackTheseCSs pic.twitter.com/18fkGYAbHU— Amos .K.Kibet (@Kosowerjnr) February 27, 2019

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