“We Let Chris Kantai Down” This is A Nation That Does Not Care About Its Talented Youth

How many washed-up athletes, sportsmen and rappers have to die before Kenyans realize the blame lies with them?

Let’s be real; becoming a successful artist in Kenya is harder than climbing Mount Everest.

Kenyans always take their talents for granted until the day they draw their last breath.

Didn’t we not hear of Kantai languishing in keg dens in Zimmerman? But instead of sending goodwill his way, Kenyans laughed, ridiculed, and insulted him online.

Now that he’s gone, we crawl out of our pathetic dens to send condolences to his family and reminisce on the good ol‘ days he used to play on the radio.

Classic Kenyans. Always jumping ship the minute things go south.

We’re even worse than the corporate music companies in the west that only appreciate an artist when he or she is relevant.

Kantai should be given a hero’s sending.

As for Kenyans, we need to rethink our policies with athletes and musicians who fell from grace.

They need to be compensated for their generous contributions to the entertainment and sports industry.

Not just when they are relevant!

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