OCPD positions were abolished to create efficient command

With scrapping of the OCPDs position the police will now be receiving orders from one regional police commander (RPC) one county police commander (CPC), one sub-county police commander (SPC) and officer commanding police station (OCS), who will also be known as a ward commander.

The changes follow President Kenyatta’s announcement on reorganising the command structure last November. They began with the senior most ranks, but have now reached the lower levels.

Already, the command of the KPS and APS have been merged. Three senior AP officers have been appointed regional commanders under the command of the Deputy Inspector-General in charge of the Kenya Police, Mr Edward Mbugua.

The changes are expected to lead to greater efficiency.

Initially, the three arms of the National Police Service — the Kenya Police Service (KPS), the Administration Police Service (APS) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) each had an independent commander at the different administrative levels.

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