If You Hear EACC Boss’ Revelation, You Will Know How Vulnerable You Are

The Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) has on Wednesday partnered with the state department of co-operatives in Nairobi in a meeting set to address the rising number of corruption cases in the country.

The EACC boss Twalib Mbarak said that he had also fallen victim to the investment projects being run by Saccos where he chuckled stating that he had lost money as a result of the investments.

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“I am a member of Saccos since 1986, but I am not happy, there is somewhere I think we are losing our money. Hio investment iko pesa yangu inapotea apo and I am not happy,” he said.(Those investments, there’s my money that got lost there.)

Twalib urged the Saccos to operate professionally and shun nepotism as the vice is a major contributor in hindering proper and efficient service delivery.

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He also urged the cooperatives to employ people based on merit.

“If we decide to come on you, we can prefer charges against you and you will be in trouble,” he said.

Twalib also spoke on the frustrations in the relaying of information from government agencies attributing it to bureaucracy which he says is an impediment to curbing graft or dealing with cases on time.

He also said that information from the the Judiciary takes about 11 days to relay the information to the graft body.

Twalib also recognised and appreciated the efforts by the Social Development Principal Secretary (PS) Susan Mochache who was in attendance for ensuring that the meeting took place.

He further asked the saccos to engage EACC more in their dealings and not only when they have been implicated in crime stating that majority of Sacco customers prefer their service as opposed to dealing with banks.

“This partnership is encouraged, we look forward to working with you, EACC is not just a place to record statements,” he said.

He also said that the corruption scandals in the country and from different organisations can be stopped and save taxpayers their money promising that EACC will help in strengthening the Saccos.

Twalib said that the commission has received 409 complaints where he stated that 16 of them fell directly under the EACC docket and that the other cases had been referred to the appropriate agencies.

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