Why Kimani Ngunjiri refused to board Ruto’s convoy

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Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has raised apprehensions that yet supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta in the last two major elections, Deputy President William Ruto could be relinquished by Mt Kenya voting bloc.

Jubilee has been in conjunction with an area of politicians from the region to decamp fromDP Ruto, a move that could have gotten him off guard.

Furthermore, Mr Ngunjiri, a nearby partner of Ruto, on Sunday said the current political realignment from Mt Kenya means that ‘his siblings and sisters’ may relinquish Dr Ruto.

“Our siblings and sisters from Mount Kenya area may relinquish the DP at his hour of need.

The inquiries are originating from the general population, not simply the authority. The truth on the ground is that the imprudent open articulations and non-verbal communication shown by a segment of pioneers from Mount Kenya district have made inhabitants of Rift Valley unsettled


“It ought to be recalled that the number two opening in the Presidency has been cursed, with just previous President Daniel Moi having succeeded establishing President Jomo Kenyatta, however in very surprising conditions,” said Mr Ngunjiri, including that and, after its all said and done Mr Moi was battled by Mount Kenya pioneers as far as possible of his 24-year term.

Of late, named MP Maina Kamanda has activated a segment of region pioneers behind another development; Mt Kenya and Diaspora Forum, whose primary object is to counter Ruto’s apparent ‘Tanga’ group.

The two camps have regularly conflicted with the Forum group undermining to move over all chapels in the nation to reprove Ruto’s group which they blame for early battles.

Mr Ngunjiri in January this year blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta for being a piece of the group that is striving to square Ruto, including that the move will be calamitous for Kikuyu people group in Rift Valley.

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