Volleyball Coach LOVES Sniffing Womens’ UnderWears! Arrested for stealing Dozens of them

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A volleyball coach based in the University of Kansas found himself in hot soup after he was arrested for putting his nostrils and inhaling deeply the…uhmm, ‘essences’ of various women in his volleyball team.

Things started to become extremely suspicious when the women would return from practice, only to find that some of them had their panties missing in their closets.

It turns out that the coach wanted to take SOME EXTRA SNIFFS while at his house!

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When the police broke into his home, they found a collection of over 40 panties arranged and catalogued according to every players name!

Hmm, we wonder which private parts smell was the sweetest for him???

According to investigators, the alleged thievery began in 2017, and the accused says he felt motivated whenever he smelt them!

Nevertheless, he has been charged with 15 counts of burglary, theft, property damage.

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