VIDEO: Philanthropist Otile randomly dishing out money in town

Sensational RnB singer Otile Brown has written his name in the short list of Kenyan philanthropists who care about other people, specifically the less fortunate.

The musician has recently put smiles on the faces of countless Nairobians after taking the streets to donate money to random people.

In a video , the star is seen moving around Nairobi CBD dishing out money to random people in a bid to help those in need. Well, where there is money, there must be a milling crowd and so was the case as the musician moved around CBD with his bodyguards giving out money.

Explaining his decision to hand out money to people, the hitmaker claimed he thought it wise to bless random people in the streets because it is where he came from and knows the struggles really well.

According to the musician, there was a time he used to walk the same streets penniless, but now he is blessed with money, therefore it does not hurt to help others who are in the position he was years ago, before the fame and money.

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