Larry Madowo Has Found His ‘Samantha”…And She’s A Pleasant Catch!

Media personality Larry Madowo is one of the most heart-throbbing gentlemen in Kenya. Or so the ladies say; especially the ones that wish he would just hang up the towel, escape the confines of bachelorhood, and finally settle with a lady to bear him some children.

Imagine it; a little Larry running around bearing an uncanny semblance to the media mogul whose love life has been dimmed by shades of mystery. Wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes!
Unfortunately, the reason why Larry has been an enigma in terms of his relationships is that he has already found love thousands of miles away.

Yeah, that’s right…

Her name is Sophia….and she’s uhm, a robot.

Indeed, our Kenyan bad boy’s heart was palpitating to the point that he couldn’t help himself but tweet about his fateful encounter with this piece of engineering ingenuity.

“The world’s most famous robot knows my name! Sophia even asked me to invite her to Kenya. We’re presenting one of the #GLOMOAwards categories together tomorrow at #MWC19.”

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you put to bed any ambitious slay queens that would climb Mount Everest to have a sniff at your wallet!

If that’s not enough, LARRY POPPED the question:

“I’m just asking. Will you marry me?”

Sophia was pleasantly surprised, to which she mulled over the bold albeit unpredictable query from Madowo.

To which she then responded:

“Oh my. This is a big move with lots of people here. I’m nervous.”

Let’s see how it goes Larry.

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