“Flashy” Televangelist Swindle His Followers. Here’s How He Became A Billionaire Overnight!

The prosperity gospel is one that has created ‘successful entrepreneurs’ from literally brainwashing the masses.

Indeed, these helpless souls give out their savings and lifetime earnings, only to later discover they were a means to an end for the pastor to have a taste of the fancy life.

Details have come to light on how besieged televangelist “Dr” David Kariuki Ngare, or famously known as Gakuyo, made a killing by siphoning a whopping Sh 1 billlion from his congregation that boasts more than 78,000 members, mostly peasants, that belonged to the Ekeza Sacco.

Ironically, the money originating from the shallow pockets of these congregants was used to upgrade the lifestyle of Mr Kariuki, who immediately upgraded his lifestyle for the sweeter things in life.

Indeed, a portion of this money was then used to revive his dying real estate firm and bring it back to its glory days.

Investigations have also confirmed that some of the money was withdrawn via the vice chairman of the Sacco James Wanjuu, as well as secretary Gladys Muriithi, for activities pertaining to Gakuyo Real Estate in conjunction with its directors.

What’s even more shocking is that only a third of the money, 500 million, could be traced to members who had accessed the Ekeza loan for the acquisition of properties.

Which then means a massive 1 billion went to the “Man of God.”

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