Youngster whipped merciless after she was found twer*king

Youths nowadays do crazy things, probably as a result of peer pressure or wanting to be ‘belong’ or be identified as ‘cool’. has sighted a video on social media where a father is seen lashing her daughter for uploading a twerking video on her WhatsApp status. The angry father after watching the explicit video took his belt off and dragged her daughter to his room for the severe beatings to serve as a lesson.


We are certain she wouldn’t try that thing again in her life and some have praised the father for teaching her a lesson as girls of today are messing up too much on Social media these days. Watch the video below:

Social media users who came across the post had the following to say concerning the matter;

“buckmanrodriguez: Yes this called a good father God bless you.”

“omoegj: May God bless you sir. Please keep an eye on her so that she will not be lured into it again”

“ebenezertekpetey: Well done in numbers !! But I could see ear rings by ur ears. U’er a man so why putting on ear rings ? Maybe this ur daughter turns to be a stem germinating from a root of no wonder. Therefore both have to repent.”

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titosantana: True. And I will take the higher road, not act like a BUSH, AFRICAN, BEAST OF BURDEN. And I will shoot him or her to death abi? Violence never solved any problems. You only compound them by setting of a chain of generational domestic abusers cum serial-sadists and killers! That young lady will be BEATEN by her boyfriends or husband and she will think it is okay. She will turn around you, be aggressive and abusive in the future and people like you will call her a psycho-feminist. She is way too old to be beaten like a goat. Haba! Because, she dey “twerk”?  This is 2018, nor 1740 please. Children will be exposed to all kinds of junk and all you can do is correct them with love and by setting good examples! You can tell the man is frustrated with life and he is a real SUFFERHEAD! It is your “frustration” in life that is showing in the guise of discipline. If you can’t pay your rent, don’t take out your frustration in your children and the world! Free your mind from lack of love and peace and learn some basic lessons on human PSYCHOLOGY.  All you can do is advise and love unconditionally. Simple.”

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