Why Oliech won’t show up in upcoming matches

Dennis Oliech managers have requested that the club’s administration quit underestimating players and respect their legally binding commitments.

They have likewise expressed that until his duty are paid as before concurred, Oliech will neither appear for preparing nor play for the club since this will just serve to urge the authorities to keep abusing players.

Oliech’s agents said that the club has neglected to respect the player’s legally binding understanding, and the previous captain for Harambee Stars trusts he is being taken rounds sice last year December

“Oliech truly needed to be engaged with the diversion (against Hussein Dey), however, we felt that he shouldn’t on the grounds that the club isn’t valuing his endeavors. It will stun you that since he marked for the club in December, Oliech has not gotten even a peddling yet he has been playing every time.

Oliech at first needed to have an open contract with the goal that he draws no compensation from the club however just remittances. They rejected this offer and said that they should sign him. At the point when Oliech marked, we conceded to a sign-on charge that should have been paid in clusters. Be that as it may, after three months not by any means the primary group has been dispatched. Furthermore, when we get some information about it, the authorities continue taking us round in circles. Is that reasonable?

Oliech’s Manager

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