Police in Mombasa are using paraffin lamps as Kenya power cut them off

In Mombasa, officers influenced by cut off from are using lanterns paraffin lights after Kenya Power and Lighting Company KPLC cut them off the power supply.

The officers say they have been not able to get reasonable rental convenience from the Sh7,300 given to every constable as house recompense. A greater part of officers has promised to stay in their present living arrangement.

We will keep living in those houses, would you be able to locate a shabby house here in a town like Mombasa? Or on the other hand they need us to move to the ghettos,

One officer

Be that as it may, Coast Regional Police Commander Marcus Ochola said that officers ought to empty police quarters leased for them by the National Police Service, following the expiry of the February 1 due to date.

The police manager said there would be no expansion to the notice and that the individuals who were not prepared to conform to the prior order, should begin paying for the houses at the present rate

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