Man leaves internet in stitches with manhood business

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After a model shocked many by selling her virginity to richest men just to tour the world with her mom,a man has on the other hand broken the internet with his unique business that has managed to leave many in stitches over the man’s desperation.

The man is selling his sperms, with prices ranging from KSh 3,500 to KSh 21,000 depending on what a potential buyer is looking for.

On Thursday, TakaTina shared a post in response to a post by Twitter parody account Man’s Not Barry Roux.

The post included a photo of a man who called on Africans to support his ‘black business’, which entails him selling his seeds. “Support black business. Sperms for sale: Boy- KSh 3,500, Girl- KSh 21,000, Triplets- KSh 27,000, Twins- KSh 14,000,” he said in a placard detailing the various prices.

However it is not certain when or where the photo was taken and if it was a serious advert or a joke. Regardless, neitzens found the photo hilarious.

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