The Millenial scepticism that is ailing our youth

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There are about 2.5 billion of us around the world. Some in the group are mature enough for people to take us seriously but young enough not to take ourselves too seriously. Some do not dream of wearing a suit seated in a corporate office. In fact, a significant number of us dream of starting our own businesses.

It gets even more interesting. Many a well-meaning parent tell their children to study hard and get good grades to improve their chances of having a good life. Yet millennials remain the most educated generation with the highest share of unemployed people and that most university graduates have jobs that do not necessarily require a four-year degree. Perhaps this is one reason young people are impatient. They have grown to distrust the established system.

As millennials, we all have big dreams. We see young people who have “tasted’’ success on social media. This creates anxiety. The more we see other people “doing well” the less patient we become. Why not me? When will it be me? We ponder.

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