Meet Migori Men Who Kill To Solve Family Crisis

Some of the headlines that Migori has been making when it comes to family feuds is killing narratives. In every family clash, a life is lost. Saturday’s incident of a man killing his wife reminds us of many other similar incidences that have happened. Take a look at some of the incidences that have happened in January 2019. One, Two, three.

As if people never learn, history repeated itself and here is another story. Police in Migori is Investigating the death of a 28-year-old woman suspected to have been killed by her husband on Saturday night at Royal estate in Oruba sub-location, Suna West Sub-county.

The body of the woman identified as Evelyn Musira was found lying in a pool of blood inside their house on Sunday morning by neighbours who reported the matter to the area chief. The body had several deep panga cuts.

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Confirming the incident, Oruba Sub-location Chief Charles Ouma said they suspect that the deceased was murdered by the husband identified as Lucas Kuria who is currently at large.

“The report from the deceased’s son aged 5 years indicates that his father came to the house drunk on Saturday night and ordered him out of the house. The boy also says he heard the mother crying as he was leaving the house to spend the night in the neighborhood,” said the Chief.

Mr. Ouma added that they have established that the deceased and the husband were embroiled in domestic wrangles, with the woman recently reporting an assault case against the husband at Migori Police Station.

The body of the deceased was taken to Migori Level Four Hospital mortuary as the police pursue the murder suspect.

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