Legend Tony Hawk moves fans to tears after sharing this sweet video helping his daughter overcome her fear

Tony Hawk Helps His Daughter Overcome Her Skateboarding Fear

Skating legend Tony Hawk has shared the sweetest moment when he helped his young daughter overcome her fear of dropping in while at a skate park this weekend.

The pro was giving his 10 year old daughter, Kadence, some lessons when he decided to film her foray into launching herself onto a ramp. Showing his 3.87 million followers that at the end of the day he’s just a dad, the 50-year-old watched on nervously at the bottom of the ramp as Kadence hesitated with her board.

Despite being unable to hear what Tony is saying to his daughter in the long video, you can tell she’s nervous to make that initial leap. Tony shared a pretty special clip with his daughter. Perhaps not as terrified of he was, though.

Tony wrote alongside the minute-long video: ‘My daughter overcoming her fear in real time (wait for it). I might have been more nervous than she was.’

After hesitating for what probably felt like a lifetime to her, she finally took the leap and mastered up the courage to put her left foot on the end of her board to tip herself over. As she zoomed along, Tony quickly got out of the way as they both went out of shot.

And after sharing the sweet clip online, his followers had some balancing. One took a parental approach as they commented: ‘Probably the most difficult and crucial thing of parenting: avoiding to transmit our fears and help them overcome their own.’

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