JKUAT student threatens to end life over unemployment

Alfred Kibet Kirui has shaken social media after sharing some post that he is going to end his life. He has also shared his graduation certificated and says it should be placed on his coffin instead of his photo.

” I might not be as proud but it has my name, when I die put it in a frame and replace it as my pic in my coffin, that is my wish, Bye.”

The stressed Kirui seem to be going through a tough time as he says that he has even tried to reach his parents but no one answers his calls; ”This is my last one , if you think there is family that is just a myth. I tried calling all members I suppose are from my family, zero answered, kesho ao ndo wa kwanza apo star. Fuck”

He graduated with a bachelor of Science in soil, water and environmental engineering where he scored a second class honour lower division in November, 2018.

People reacted towards his posts urging him not to end his life for he is a graduate with bright future. He has however maintained that he has to end his life terming his four years achievement as just a mere paper.

He also says that he has been praying God to end his life and give it to someone who needs it most.

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