A stab from the back Man charged with sodomising friend

Among the people anyone is comfortable with is ones family and friends and growing up we have learnt those are the two closets groups we could be safe around with till they are not. We have read ,watched and been told stories of relatives who turn on each other and defile, injure and worst of  all kill their own blood and friends with no second thought.Now imagine this, helping out an old friend who ends up defiling you ,this is just what one man in Nakuru had to go through.

Mr Koros had travelled from Bomet County to Nakuru where he had secured a job with a construction company at Kaptembwa. Once there he met up with an old friend(the complainant) who agreed to host him before he got a house.On the fateful night, the suspect is said to have first invited his friend for drinks within Nakuru town before they went back to the house at around midnight.The owner of the house slept on the same bed with the suspect, said that he was shocked when he woke up from sleep two hours later to find that he had been sodomised.He immediately reported the matter to the police station where they immediately after arrested Mr.Koros. He appeared before Principal Magistrate Bernard Mararo, Mr Davis Koros was charged with sodomising his 37-year-old friend on the night of January 31 at Kaptembwa slums in Nakuru. He proceeded to deny the charges and was was freed on Sh.200,000 bond with surety of similar amount.This may leave the complainant scared for life as I doubt he will let anyone in his house at night .

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