‘Uzalendo ni kuficha uchi wa watu wenu,’ Otile Brown tells off Jalang’o over comparison with Bongo musicians

RnB Musician Otile Brown has silenced one of his friends, famous radio host Jalang’o, after putting him and three other musicians in comparison with Tanzania’s WCB musicians.

In his post Jalang’o lined up Otile, Kelechi, Masauti and Iddi Singer and compared them to WCB singers insinuating that the local acts were somewhat behind their Bongo counterparts.

”Do you know these guys Can take Wasafi head to head! Actually they are better! All they need is your support! What Do you think?” Jalang’o posted.

According to Otile, Kenyan musicians are equally good and have been working hard, therefore it is not fair to make them look small and miserable through the comparisons.

”Am not trying to attack you bro but enough talk about Wasafi, we are good stop making us look miserable and small with all these debates every time, artists from other countries are watching. We ain’t small like you all make it look, if we are not there we will get there,” Otile wrote.

”I believe the more you work hard and smart the more you level up. And you can’t force anybody to support you or support what they don’t feel. There’s no other way around it,” he added.

This happened not to be the first time Jalang’o brought his ‘comparison game’ he had done the same with four hip hop artistes in a post that called them out for a battle to determine who is king.

Unfortunately this time round things fell apart for RnB artistes.

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