How My Neighbour Killed His Wife Despite Pleas For Him to Stop His Assault

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The Death of Beryl, a clinical officer has once again revealed the rot in many marriages and relationships. Marriage is not a bed of roses so they say. This however should not be the reason for violence to rock marriages to an extent that the end result becomes death.

Beryl was married to Lyko after they had a colourful wedding in 2017. Lyko was however working in Qatar but only came back to Kenya recently to stay with his wife only for hell to break loose.

Beryl had had two miscarriages with the last one being like two weeks ago. Could this be the reason her husband became hostile to her?

According to a neighbour, Beryl was screaming so loudly and painfully asking her husband to stop beating her. This would be the day she later meets her death.

 Lyko Osuri  and Beryl Ouma during their wedding.Photo Ezekiel Aminga

“She was screaming so loudly and painfully asking her husband to stop beating her, it was late at night,” said the neighbour.

“We banged the door in an attempt to open it but it was locked from inside. When one of us asked what was happening, the lady who was screaming responded saying they’ll talk”.

The neighbour said the screaming continued for a short time before it suddenly stopped.

“We assumed that they had stopped fighting and so we went on with our business,” the neighbour said.

Beryl was already dead.

The husband informed his father-in law that he had just taken Beryl to a nearby hospital for treatment but records indicated that she was brought in dead.

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