Does Birth Control affect relationships? Read to find out

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You may have been taught about the benefits of birth control in Sex Ed or probably Science class.

You may even be aware of some of the healthy risks that come with prolonged use of birth control substances- depression, blood clots, and weight gain

You might also know that birth control pills, which are often prescribed for things other than contraception—like irregular periods or acne—aren’t the best solution for managing symptoms. In fact, the pill ultimately makes symptoms like acne worse.

But hormonal birth control has other, more far-reaching consequences. Specifically, taking the pill can wreak havoc on your love life.

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I know that probably sounds far out or completely made up, but the idea that hormonal birth control has real consequences for your love life comes directly from the scientific research, which I outline in detail below.

And when you think about it closely, it makes a lot of sense. The pill messes with hormone production and balance by introducing a stream of synthetic hormones to our systems—and because hormones impact how we perceive other people and how they perceive us, it stands to reason that our interactions with everyone—and specifically romantic partners— would be tipped sideways by a steady stream of synthetic hormones.

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In other words, hormones help us interact with the world. When we introduce a whole new set of hormones to our delicate bodies, it can shift our desires and perceptions on a fundamental biochemical level and have far-reaching romantic consequences.

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