Vihiga Governor shuns home, Lives In Lavish Hotel Since 2017

Early January this year, information hit the media that Vihiga county governor Dr Wilber Ottichilo shunned his home and he lives in a lavish hotel which he pays 150k every month. This news didn’t go well with concerned citizens about how public funds are mismanaged.

He revealed that according to a Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) circular,governors were entitled to a housing allowance starting from Kshs 100,000 while their deputies received Kshs 90,000 monthly.

He added that the extra Kshs 50,000 was paid from his own pocket refuting that the governor got the money from public coffers. “There is an SRC circular providing for housing benefit for governors and deputy governors. The housing benefit is 100K and 90k respectively for counties like Vihiga. Other counties have higher rates,” 

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