Revealed: man who murdered woman, raped 3 daughters was a relative

Shocking news hit Kenya on Wednesday about a gang of four men who killed a woman and raped her three daughters in Litein.

The following day one of the victims turned up at the victim’s house and confessed that he participated in the heinous act before the mob lynched him.

Details about the lynched man have emerged.

The man was a Maseno University graduate and a relative to the victims.

As he made the confessions, the scandalised villagers wondered why a graduate would kill her aunt and rape her cousins.

According to Bernard Boit a neighbour who witnessed the happening, Sylvester Langat,24, showed up at the home at 6am. He added that Langat confessed to the murder and rape after hours of interrogation.

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The Maseno University School of Education class of 2018 graduate was then lynched by a mob.

“I was one of the first people to be called when Langat arrived at the home at 6am. Upon interrogation, which lasted for hours, he confessed that he was among the four-member gang which had killed (name withheld) and raped her granddaughters,” said Boit.

Boit added that Langat said he participated in the rape of 20, 16 and 11-year-old victims but did not hit the granny.

A police report indicated that the gang had used knives, chisels and iron bars during the incident which also left the house owner and a housemaid unconscious.

Kericho County Police Commander James Mugera confirmed Sylvester Langat’s lynching.

“The suspect allegedly confessed to the crime. Unfortunately, by the time police officers arrived at the scene, they had lynched him,” he said.  

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