Polisi ni rafiki? Police charged with defiling 13-year-old seven times

A family in Murang’a County has had to face a horrendous ordeal after their daughter finally revealed heinous sexual assault that she had to undergo from a police officer.

The officer is accused that he defiled the girl seven times, and threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

The girl’s father was taken aback by the revelations, especially since the said suspect, Michael Mwandi, is his colleague.

“My child agreed to share the information with us, saying how she was told never to disclose the matter to anyone on account that he could kill her,” her father said.

“I welcomed him and showed him how we operate even without caring that he was my junior. I wonder why he turned against me and destroyed the life of my child; it’s very unfair,” he added.

Mr Mwandi is detained at Murang’a GK prison after pleading not guilty.

His bail ruling is set for Tuesday next week.

The victim is on the other hand receiving treatment at Thika Level Five Hospital.

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