Helb to Use their own officers to hunt down defaulters

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According to Ringera, the media quoted Education CS Amina Mohammed out of context, by assuming that Helb would use the police force to hunt down defaulters. “Law enforcement means use of people like us; section 15 of the Helb Act sub-section (2) gives the board the mandate to use its own inspectors to pursue those who have intentionally refused to pay back their loans, yet they have jobs,” said Helb CEO Charles Ringera.

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The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) shall not use the police to hunt down loan defaulters, but shall instead use its own officers.

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The Ministry of Education on Wednesday announced that the board will be on a mission to recover Ksh7.2 billion owed by 74,000 defaulters. Making the declaration,Ms Mohammed stated that the crackdown would begin any time from now, requesting employers to help them track down the individuals.

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