Drug Lord Nabbed In Nairobi by Detectives

Detectives in Nairobi arrested a major heroin trafficker in Westlands after he landed in their elusive trap, the suspect had five kilograms of heroin concealed the drugs in paws paw fruits, this followed a tip that he had traveled to Kampala on Wednesday night by bus.

Police records indicate he is a frequent traveler to Uganda. He has a pattern of leaving Kenya through Busia border and comes back to Kenya through Malaba border apparently to evade detection.

The suspect had procured the narcotics from a Nigerian based in Kampala. Officials at the anti-narcotics police said the suspect is part of a larger heroin distribution network in Nairobi. Narcotics traffickers are known for their ingenious methods of smuggling drugs ranging from false bottom of suitcases, electronics and even stuffing dead bodies.

Cases of drug trafficking have been on the decreasing trend due to various measures put in place. The traffickers are avoiding air routes for road as they fear detection.

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