Who Really Killed Lawyer Robert Chesang?

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We are fond of complaining about how hard the economy has been. It’s never a dull moment on these streets. The Kenyan economy hasn’t taken a dark stretch for us all. Recently, there is a revelation of one slain lawyer Robert Chesang’ who was said to have lived in a hotel for more than three months and paid about Sh500,000 after he was locked out of his matrimonial home. Chesang’, 45, was gunned down in his Moke Gardens home Lukenya, Machakos, between 11.30am and 12.30pm on Sunday. The killers first kidnapped two guards at the main gate of the estate.

 It’s stipulated that between September 19 and November 11 last year, he spent Sh446,250 at Sandalwood Hotel after he was barred from his house. Murdered lawyer Robert Chesang’s marriage to Maisy Pauline Omungala Chesang, a magistrate who works in Nyeri was allegedly in shambles, reports indicate. A local daily reports that last year Chesang who was shot three times in the chest on Sunday at his Moke Gardens home in Lukenya, Machakos county was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife.

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 The deceased had returned to his matrimonial house in Moke Gardens, Lukenya, Machakos county, a few weeks before he met his death. He only landed the chance to occupy the house after his widow Maisy Omungala, a magistrate, was transferred to Nyeri in December.

In case filed for protection against domestic violence, Chesang’ alleged that he had been forced to move out of his house because his wife was violent and was using police officers to harass and intimidate him. The lawyer requested that the courts grant him unconditional access to his home. He claimed the locks to the home had been changed. The house was also under police guard.

He also said Maisy had transferred his two children to a new school and denied him access to them. “From August 17 to date, I’ve lost all that I’ve acquired progressively since I started married life due to illegal actions of the respondents. I have technically lost the house, the cars and all my earthly belongings,” Chesang’ said in an affidavit.

He also asked the court to allow him access to his two vehicles; Lexus and Premio cars, which he claimed were being used by police officers. “I pray that the court orders police and other judicial officers to stop being used by wife to harass and intimidate me; and to stop using my cars as if they are state property,” Chesang’ submitted.

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He had expressed dissatisfaction on the manner in which his case was being conducted, alleging interference from his wife and other magistrates. His case had been transferred five times before a ruling was made. “I’m in charge of Mavoko court and I have instructed and ordered the trial magistrate to suspend the ruling coming up on Friday 21 of the domestic violence matter. I will make sure that a ruling will never be delivered on the matter. The trial magistrate is not conducting the case in the way I want,” he quoted the magistrate as having said.

In response, Kassan wrote three texts messages, asserting that he had never interfered with Chesang’s case. He said the lawyer used the claim as a tactic to ensure the case was not assigned to him after other magistrates opted out.“Could that be your tactic attack me so that I don’t touch the file? You don’t need to worry brother. I have never seen your file. One day you will know that you were wrong,” he said in an SMS.

The same week, Kassan was transferred to the Machakos law courts. Chesang’s application, which ran concurrently with the assault case against him, was initially met with obstacles after three magistrates disqualified themselves before the case was placed under Machakos chief magistrate Yusuf Shikanda.

In his ruling on November 9 last year, Shikanda dismissed the police on jurisdiction ground and ordered that Chesang’ be escorted to his home so he could pick his belongings. The police investigating the brutal murder of lawyer Robert Chesang’ believe the death is linked to a business deal gone wrong.

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