Meet the Dreaded Man Who Led a Murder & Raping Spree in Kericho County

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The wave of crime that hit Kericho County’s Litein on Tuesday shocked the Country with residents of the area being subjected to fear and horror.

Death knocked at their doorsteps but luckily for some of them, nothing serious befell them.

This was however not the case to one family that saw a woman hacked to death, her husband injured and their three granddaughters raped.

The Police promised a quick probe into the incidence and have in deed managed to make huge steps towards unravelling the mystery behind this heinous act.

The DCI has this morning revealed that a 30-year-old suspect is currently in police custody. He was positively identified by victims of the attack.

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“Man, 30 yrs was arrested & +vely identified by 3 victims of the robbery in #Kericho. The gang of 4 armed with crude weapons broke into the house, severely injured a 78 yrs man,fatally wounded his wife aged 73yrs, robbed them of money & sexually assaulted their 3 grand daughters. ” posted the DCI.

“The three girls aged 11, 13 & 20 years, positively identified the man after an identification parade was conducted. During the incident, the house help was also seriously hit with a blunt object. Detectives are doing everything possible to bring all the four suspects to justice. ” added the DCI.

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