GreenSpot Club Ruiru on the Spot over alleged Extortion claims

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It’s a loose Friday or Saturday and you have landed a few bucks and decide to treat yourself to a night out. You land somewhere and find chics seated on a table. Some you may know, but most you may not. You decide to check out a joint called GreenSpot along the Eastern Bypass, which has gained popularity amongst young looking girls.

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So you join them and find them already drinking a bottle of something. Probably Johnnie Walker Black Label. So you guys dance and make merry, but at some point, they disappear without a trace. Meanwhile, the waiters conveniently rush to your table bringing the bill to you.

To add insult to injury, the bar owner even calls the police to come help them “recover” their money, skillfully acquired through extortion. A police LandCruiser from the Ruiru Police Station is conveniently parked outside the establishment, aiding and abetting the mischievous bar owner’s extortion tactics. What you may or may not know is that this is a well-elaborate scheme to fleece men, concocted by the bar-owner together with management and staff. It’s such an embarrassment that bar owner’s have resorted to such silly schemes so as to stay afloat in this competitive environment.

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