Ring leader in Kericho gang rape and brutal Killing nabbed

Curious members of the public at the homestead of the murdered 73-year-old woman at Samuget village in Bureti, Kericho, February 20, 2019. /SONU TANU

Man, 30 yrs was arrested and positively identified by 3 victims of the robbery in Kericho. The gang of 4 armed with crude weapons broke into the house, severely injured a 78 yrs man,fatally wounded his wife aged 73yrs, robbed them of money & sexually assaulted their 3 grand daughters.

Kericho police boss James Mugera said four attackers used chisels and iron bars to kill the elderly woman.

Her husband, 78, and the maid were seriously injured by the gang that attacked them at their house in Bureti.

They stole Sh5,000 and a mobile phone before the murder and rapes. If there was another motive, it was not immediately clear.

A sombre mood engulfed the village as residents tried to understand the violence at 4am yeterday.

The husband was hit with a blunt object. He was rushed to Litein Mission Hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.

“She was hit with blunt objects before her maid and the three grandchildren, aged between 11 and 29, were raped,” Mugera said.

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