Exposed! Kagwe Mungai’s musical life

Kagwe was born in Nairobi back in January 1991. He was introduced to the older R&B and Jazz at a young age. His mother and father used to listen to such musical taste including funk and new jack swing.

In fifth grade, Kagwe and his family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. There he was immersed into the jazz and pop rock culture leading him to form both jazz and rock band, where he played drums and sang lead respectively. At age 13 he began pursuing a career in music.

He started writing songs at 14 and developing ideas with a four-track recorder his older brother brought home one day. By age 16, he was introduced to Steve Jean, an accomplished music producer from Uganda, who taught him the basics of production.

Other influences include his music teacher in Nairobi, Moses Watatua, Michael Jackson, Pharrell, Quincy Jones, Fela Kuti and Oliver Mutukudzi. He went to study Music at the University of Southampton in England and spent the rest of university learning his way around a recording studio and developing his debut mixtape (EP)

He released his debut EP, It Only Gets Better in June 2012 accompanied by self- made music videos for the singles, ‘Oleku’ and ‘Marry You’. The music video for ‘Oleku’ was successively selected as the best Kenyan Oleku cover in a survey held by Up Magazine Nairobi in 2013.

Some of his songs are; ”Give It To Me Feat King Kaka, Creeper, Hot This year, Doctor, Biggest Fan, TKK Feat. Madtraxx, Bad Girls, The Dee among others.

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