Did Shauri Moyo police fight crime or perpetuate it?

It will not be easy to establish whether or not the police officers initially attached to Shauri Moyo police station engaged in acts of crimes against the people they were paid to protect.

Despite all complaints from the members of the public against the officers that led to their forced transfer, no particular officer is facing specific charges whose evidence has been provide.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Njoroge Mbugua moved all the officers attached to the Station on Wednesday without indicting any one of them.

They were moved and ordered to leave to their new stations by February 27. This follows complaints of harassment by the public and crime surge in the area.

A new team has been moved to take over the vacancies. The move followed an incident in which a civilian was shot and seriously injured in a mistaken identity in the area.

Officers on the ground allegedly tried to cover up the incident saying the victim had tried to rob a female officer of her gun.

There have also been complaints from locals some officers at the station harass and extort money from them.

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