‘Am crushing on Huddah’ Kagwe opens up

Kenyan musician, Kagwe Mungai has revealed as to why he is single, despite being considered among Kenyan’s most eligible bachelors. He sys that any woman planning to be his partner should be the one to pay dowry.

He explains; ”Kuna dame flani aliniplay but that’s not why I’m not dating. I’m not dating because I honestly don’t have time. Me ni msee romantic sana and I would want to give my better half an amazing experience. I don’t want to tell her I am her man yet I can’t spend time naye.”

He has revealed that the businesswoman Huddah Monroe is his crush; ”I have many reasons and I’ve told her. I think she’s hardworking and the fact that she’s built a strong brand for herself. Na obviously anakaa fiti sana. I like an independent woman, I like a woman who wants a man in her life, but does not need a man.”

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