Why your County is responsible for the Youth Unemployment in your locale

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County governments are the game changer in two of the Big four agendas, namely expansion of manufacturing sector and food security. The central government must be applauded for the huge infrastructural projects it has initiated to connect the counties and country at large. Three crucial areas are the construction of the roads to connect peri-urban and rural areas, transmission of the electricity power to all regions in the country and provision of water through dams.

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With these crucial infrastructural projects even in places that have suffered marginalization for many years, it is now time to ask what counties can do to create jobs for the youth. The county governments, most of which are rated wasteful and with a mind set of autonomous and unaccountable attitude, must shed off these traits and tell the country of the programs they have lined up to boost Kenyatta’s development agenda.

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Devolution gave the youth hope that it would bring close service delivery, increase job opportunities and improved governance. Far from it, if the reports on the impact of devolution are anything to go by.

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