Mother Injects Her Baby With Bleach After Rejecting It!

A mother is facing a potentially long jail sentence after she was found guilty of injecting her daughter with liquid soap mixed with bleach; not before cutting her poor baby with a razor!

Reason being? She felt no emotional attachment to her daughter.

The mother, Elif K. has ignited a massive scandal in the Turkish capital Istanbul after police investigation affirmed that her daughter, Eylul Miray, was subjected to such cruel torture.

Additionally, the young mother admitted that she tried to warm up to her daughter, failed, and decided to torture her.

Elif, who lived with her husband Eray K., and their three children in the Avcilar district of Istanbul, first came under suspicion when Eylul, the youngest, kept falling ill.

Her father took her to a doctor after she started bleeding from her ears and belly button, as well as having bruises all over her body. Unfortunately, the doctor could not diagnose what the problem was.

But when the doctor discovered the baby had a fractured skull, that’s when investigations were taken over by the police.

Elife was arrested, and while in court, was found guilty of torturing her baby and sent to prison. A further hearing will be held to determine her sentence.

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