Kisii leaders submit to Kenyatta’s National Development Agenda


Kisii and Nyamira Counties today assured their commitment to the national development agenda after the meeting with President Kenyatta.

The head of state mentioned that they will continue to complement each other to ensure they deliver quality services to Kenyans.

He also called on all leaders to come together and partner with the national government in delivering the various development projects, with priority being given to the completion of ongoing projects, before new ones are commenced .

The President highlighted that no citizen should feel left out of the country’s development agenda, and no citizen should feel excluded from the decision making process in the affairs of this country.

“This is the only way to ensure inclusive prosperity for all Kenyans ” he added

The President also called upon all leaders to work towards building the nation and to promote peace and unity among Kenyans.

He also noted that there is no greater legacy we can leave for our children than that of a unified and peaceful country .

The President also announced plans to renovate Suneka Airstrip in Kisii County before the end of the year, and also revealed that there is an ongoing feasibility study and discussions for the construction of an airport that will serve the greater South Western region |

He also assured that his administration also continues to improve the country’s security to safeguard our people and to ensure our development agenda remains on course. There cannot be development and economic growth without improved and proper security measures

President @UKenyatta met leaders from Kisii and Nyamira Counties earlier today. The leaders discussed various issues including the region’s commitment to the President’s development agenda, uniting the nation and improved service delivery for Wananchi | @WilliamsRuto @RailaOdinga— State House Kenya (@StateHouseKenya) February 20, 2019

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