I will rule Uganda until time unknown, Museveni

Uganda’s ruling party has embraced President Museveni as the preferred presidential candidate in the coming and other future elections.

National Resistance Movement which was started by Museveni when during the coup in which he overthrew president Idi Amin, has called Museveni to lead the nation again in 2021 and beyond. Museveni has been Uganda’s president since 1986 when he overthrew his predecessor Idi Amin Dada.

The party meeting that declared the announcement was called and chaired by Museveni himself.

Museveni in 2016 declared himself too young to leave the presidential office in the future coming elections.

In 2017, Uganda signed a law that scrapped the presidential age limit of 75, otherwise, Museveni could not be allowed to run again for the seat.

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