Easy Money? Floyd “Money” Mayweather is getting ready to fight… Again!!!

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Business has been good to Mr.Money. Mayweather is gearing up for an exhibition match that will be of 4 to 5 bouts. The match is set to pay him close to $80 million!!!

Remember the fight with him and Tenshin Nasukawa?

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Yeah, that one.

Floyd said that the bout with Nasukawa got him $9 million-just to tune him up.

This time round, Floyd is planning to fight a former Japanese boxer but he is not sure whom.

Floyd will be cashing $10 million dollar for 3 rounds with this mystery.

This will be the first of many fights that he has lined up this year.

So, why not book a full round with a real challenger?

It’s all about being smart. My faculties are very important.” He says.


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