Desperate KNH dad prayed for guidance before stashing daughter in bag

Boniface Murage, the man handed a three months suspended sentence for attempting to smuggle her own daughter out of KNH prayed for luck.

Murage had tried fundraising to offset the outstanding medical bill but only managed to raise a paltry Sh2000 in three days!

“I talked to friends who told me to go to the area chief and get a book stamped so that I can raise money but I only managed to raise Sh2,000 after three days,” Murage told NTV.

Poor Murage headed back to the hospital to consult with his intercepted wife over ‘way forward.’

It was then, he says, that he put his freedom at stake by attempting to smuggle the baby from the hospital.

Wife ratified decision

Murage’s wife, Agnes Elewo, said she went along with his plan because she knew he could not raise the money.

“He told me to put the baby inside the bag and I did it because deep down I knew he could never raise the money,” she said.

Asked for God’s guidance

Murage added that as he put his plans into action, he asked God for guidance because he had no other option.


Everything was going on smoothly until when a guard noticed something suspicious with Murage’s bag. It was perforated.

This coupled with the tense steps Murage made, were to sell him out.

When the guards challenged him to check the contents of this suspicious bag, they confirmed their worst fears.

Murage was detained and later arraigned in court.

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