Akothee’s Music Fate Starts From South Sudan

Kenya’s controversial and out spoken Musician Esther Akothee alias Akothee has yet got a thorn in her career as authorities from Juba banned her from activating any music performance on South Sudanese land.

The single mother of five was over the weekend challenged by music lovers and her fans because of her stunts that caused public concern after performing at Abebo Music Festival where she caused scrotal eruptions to the men in the audience.

In retaliation to the comments during an interview with a local radio station, she only said she’s paid to open her legs and she’s not willing to stop the vice, whoever calls her a role model should only do so at their own risk.

The Ayoyo singer was snubbed by authorities in South Sudan not to hold any musical concert in the young nation. The ban from Juba is believed to be attributed to Akothee’s stage hobbits of opening her legs and exposing her meter box to the audience.

Local Media reports that Akothee approached the South Sudan Embassy asking to hold her tour in the country but after deliberations, they decided that she was not fit to perform.

Her request was allegedly well received by the embassy at first but after it was forwarded to the relevant ministry in the country, Dr Nadia and Makuei Lueth concluded that her moral standing was lacking. However, Authorities noted that the musician is welcome to the conflicted nation as a tourist.

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