It Was Joint Plan to Sneak Out! Murage’s Wife Reveals

Whoever said that love conquers all, hit the nail on the head. Boniface Murage’s family seems to be built on love and understanding.

It is evident that Murages wife understood the situation at hand and was ready to help her husband conquer the financial storm that was before them.

Family Love

While speaking to media, the wife to Boniface, a man who spend a night at remand over an attempt to smuggle a baby from KNH, confessed that she actually helped the husband hatch the escape plan.

They reached the decision when they realized the bill had accrued to Ksh. 56,000 an amount they could not raise.

 Agnes Eleo, who is in her early twenties, says “that was the last option left for us”.

Ms Eleo, who is a house-wife, says she and Mr Murage, 22, had tried – through a harambee to raise the Ksh56, 000 – but only managed to get Ksh2, 000 from relatives, neighbors and well-wishers.

The new mother of one further said that she couldn’t “push her husband beyond his ability”, hence the reason they hatched a plan of smuggling the baby out of KNH.

“My husband works very hard to put food on the table. That, I can confidently say,” said Ms Eleo.

“Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t attempt to do what he did. He did that out of desperation. When he shared the plan with me, I thought it was the only option we were left with; and that is why I backed him up,” said Ms Eleo, who has been married to Mr Murage for one year now.

“The plan was that he goes out with the baby as I remained behind. I would, thereafter, follow him. However, he was caught while I was walking down the staircases,” said Ms Eleo.

The couple lives together in a single-roomed mabati house at Ole Kasasi in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County.

Mr Murage, whose source of livelihood is digging trenches, was arrested at KNH on Monday while attempting to sneak out their daughter from the facility. He had stashed the baby in a gunny bag.

Boniface Murage at Milimani Law Courts

On Tuesday, he was charged at the Milimani Law Courts, where he was given a suspended three-month sentence.

 The night in prison dawned into a bright day of divine blessing. The family reunited, Murage was offered a job by honorable Mike Sonko, and got the bill settles and other financial gifts from well-wishers.

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