Zari finally reveals her sexy new boo in savoury photos!

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Zari Hassan has been loud when it comes to finding a new man.

Last time we heard from her, Zari was saying she needs a man who will be a father figure to her children. She is tired of men who still want to play.

She wants her new man to be someone her kids will look up to and whom her daughter will say:

‘One day I’ll marry a man like you.’

From the pictures she posted on social media over the weekend, seems like her prayers have been answered finally.. You can almost tell that he is a bit older and mature than the men Zari Hassan has been seen dating.

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She took to social media to share pictures of her getting cozy on the couch with her new man writing:

‘weekend setting’

This time she is trying not  to publicize her relationship as her last one served as a lesson. The mystery man is well built with a clean shaved beard.

Everyone deserves some happiness in the world and its about time Zari got hers seeing as her ex Diamond is happy and in love with Kenyan model, Tanasha Donna.

She blocked Diamond and his entire family on social media which is a clear indication she is done with that family.

Meet Zari’s new man:


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