Wema Sepetu nominated for grand award as Best Actress


Top Tanzanian Actress Wema Sepetu has been nominated for a grand award as the Best Actress by Sinema Zetu International Film Festival.

Wema Sepetu took to social media to share the news with her fans shortly after the Tanzanian Film Board  lifted the ban over her acting career.

The Actress  has been in the film  industry for year and perhaps has cemented her status to be the best. This nomination went through despite the fact that she faced backlash last year  leading to being barred from taking part in acting activities.

Apart from her  acting career,  Wema Sepetu has also played  key role in being vocal to address the challenges facing film makers in the efforts of transforming the industry

A couple weeks ago, Wema Sepetu  addressed the Tanzanian Government on her recommendations that will offer lasting solution to film makers.

The Actress  said that the platforms to market and sell their products are no more and therefore this is a challenge that is hindering development.

The actress also added that she personally made efforts by creating an app through which she can share her content.

She however says that not all people can comfortably access the platform and her concern is that film makers can reach the audience.

Wema Sepetu  says that this platform will enable film makers to share with their audience of recently released projects.

Following her nomination, Wema Sepetu called upon her fans to support her by casting their vote.


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