Tired of these slayqueens? Here is why your should try out a military lady

A Nigerian solider  with the major Luciana has reveal A lot of myths have been spread about women in the military (Absurd) while some ignorant men believe they have been made rigid through the rigorous trainings they go through ,A big LIE though These are some main reasons you should date an army lady rather than shallow brain mamas : -Emotional  Women in the military have been trained to be brave and courageous .They are by profession fighters who have been toughened by various phases of trainings ,however ,the trainings they have gone through haven’t shielded them from the traumas accompained by love.

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Why Men Should Marry More Military Women Than Evil Slay Mamas. Photo credits; Nairaland

They embrace motherhood easily, While so many people share an unreal belief about military women been wrecks when it comes to marital bliss ,some of them are married and they embrace motherhood with a shocking interest . NB: They put everything they have into use to ensure their children live normal lives…GREAT. They are supportive. Most people believe military women are mean and therefore avoid them. They could be excellent friends when people get to know them more. Same way they could be tough and intimidating ,they could also be fierce when it comes to fighting for their friends and their loved ones ~ this is what all guys want!

Men Should Marry More Military Women Than Evil Slay Mamas -major Luciana. Photo credit;Nairaland

Physical beauty and sexual favours : – Army ladies always look sexy(figure with a firm and well Cupped breast due to yoga-like trainings (yummy).Not every woman in the military sleeps around ,some are virgins unlike slayqueens we see at lekki or VI , know it that most military ladies have dignity and have been able to maintain healthy non- sexual relationships with their superiors

There have been several publications on Nigerian military women who are single and seriously for husbands to marry them.
These military women seemed s3xually frustrated and desperate for husband as old age is fast catching up with them which have also generated much fears in them.

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Out of desperations and fears, they put their heads together and launched an official webform so the Nigerian men can hook up with them. It is of hope that, with this official webform out, men can free log on to get in contact with these s3xually starved female soldiers. Source; Nairaland

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