Tinder-inspired matchmaking app for cows?

Called “Tudder” – a mix of dating app Tinder and cow’s udder – lets farmers swipe right on cattle they like the look of.

As with the human equivalent, farmers use smartphones to first choose whether they are looking for a male or female, swiping through photos – right for yes and left for no – until they find a match.

Valuable information is made available on matters like milk yield and protein content, or calving potential.

Formed by UK-based online agritech trading platform, SellMyLivestock (SML), CEO Doug Bairner explained, “Matching livestock online is even easier than it is to match humans because there’s a huge amount of data that sits behind these wonderful animals that predicts what their offspring will be.”

Being introduced in the month of love, its makers believe it is the first ever match-making app for cows.

The new Tudder app brings with it the convenience of easening transport stress for animals by putting data on farmers’ fingertips.

“There’s nothing better than seeing an animal in its home, its natural habitat, rather than putting it on a lorry … if someone rings up and wants to come and have a look, or even getting it from the picture, it’s ideal really from that respect, and they’re happier for it,” remarked a farmer.

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