Not anyone to mentor students, says Amina Mohamed

The Cabinet Secretary for Education Amina Mohamed has called for reviewing of people and associations giving mentorship programs in schools.

Talking amid the dispatch of mentorship policy at Upperhill School in Nairobi last Saturday, she said people who won’t have been considered by end of April would not be permitted in schools amid the second term.

“Individuals and organisations that will not have been vetted by April 30 will not be allowed to access schools during the second term,” said Amina.

Qualified Instructors

She said the rundown of affirmed people ought to be recorded to the PS, Early learning and Basic Education.

In the meantime, she guided schools to guarantee they have set up solid direction and advising administrations before one month from now.

She said the offices must be going by qualified Teachers Service Commission staff whose subtleties must be imparted to the service’s field officers and with the service’s central command through the workplace of the chief general.

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