Kadenge’s Family Pleads for Uhuru’s Intervention Over Huge Hospital Bill

The family of the Kenyan football legend Joe Kadenge who was hospitalized  is grappling with a huge hospital bill accrued at the Nairobi Hospital where the 83-year-old-legend is undergoing treatment at the High Dependence Unit (HDU).

Kadenge was taken to hospital by his children led by son Rodgers Kadenge, after falling ill his Nairobi residence on Wednesday night, and doctors reported he was suffering from stroke that might have been caused by his daughter who died in the US last week.

Reports from the family states that Kadenge’s health went worse after learning of the death of his daughter Evelyn, during which, they rushed him to hospital on Wednesday.

“When we came to the hospital we presented the NHIF card and they told us it is invalid, we were told to deposit Ksh 400,000 so that mzee could be be admitted which we failed; and only managed to pay Ksh 50,000,” Rodgers Kadenge said.

It is now four days after the football legend was admitted at the HDU and the family is stranded on how to deal with the bill, which is currently standing at sh 600,000.

Kadenge’s son Junior Kadenge has asked the president to intervene as the card he issued the legend has been rejected yet it was supposed to cater for his bill anywhere, in Kenya or abroad.

“When the President gave Mzee the card he said it will pay for his bills in any hospital nationally or abroad, as long as he is alive, we are fearing now because we can’t raise the funds, we want the president to intervene,”

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